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Chemical Management

Paint & Coating Edition
  • Develops formulations with full process specifications
  • Tracks quantities consumed and yield produced
  • Traces raw material lot usage 
  • Tracks and costs multiple packaging options
  • Scales up orders to any weight or volume
  • Creates batching orders and batch sheets
  • Tracks samples and results for raw materials or manufactured products

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Chemical Management for Paints and Coatings


  • Specifically designed for the paint and coating industry
  • Create, cost, maintain and execute complex formulations
  • Seamlessly track raw material and finished goods inventory
  • Includes industry specific calculations such as VOC
formulation software

CMS - Paints & Coatings Edition is expert formulation, execution, inventory and LIMS software specifically designed for the Paints and Coatings industry.    

The Paints and Coatings version of our Chemical Management System effectively monitors and manages anything that touches your raw material and finished goods inventory.

Designed with the paint manufacturer in mind, CMS Paints & Coatings provides industry specific calculations like VOC and TI02.

CMS easily scales orders to any weight or volume required then tracks actual batch results including quantities consumed and yield produced. 

Includes the ability to generate batch orders within the software or receive orders from your own order entry system, printing attractive, easy to use paper batch sheets. 

The right tool for the Paints and Coatings Industry.

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Includes industry specific calculations such as VOC

Provides a standardized method to develop and store recipes

Calculates finished product costs and components

Easily tracks multiple packaging options with costing

Provides actual batch results including consumption and yield

Adjusts raw material inventory automatically during production