valdata chemical management

Chemical Management Solutions


Recipe Manager Express (RME)

  • Formulation/Recipe Management
  • Maintain database of raw materials
  • Recipe costing
  • Industry-specific calculations such as VOC and CAS aggregates on formulations

Recipe Manager Pro (RMP)

Includes all RME features plus:
  • Create manufacturing orders
  • Generate batch tickets
  • Record manufacturing results
  • Lot traceability
  • Testing and approvals for both raw materials and finished products
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Recipe Manager 2013 (RMS)


  • Streamlines the formulation process
  • Increases efficiency 
  • Reduces formulation costs
formulation software

Recipe Manager 2013 was designed with the Formulator in mind.  It is the perfect solution to streamline the recipe/formula development process. 

Recipe Manager helps you to create, cost, maintain and modify complex formulations quickly and easily with unprecedented version control.

Ability to specify and enforce the use of a raw material from a specific manufacturer for any recipe.


Easy to navigate, hierarchical method to develop and store recipes including ingredients and procedures.

Consistency validation assists in development and prevents errors.

Includes the ability to generate batch documents in paper form in its stand-alone version or electronically when paired with our Manufacturing Execution System.

Standardizing formulation increases accuracy and reduces development costs.

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Provides a standardized method to develop and store recipes

Incorporates both ingredients and procedures

Ability to predefine processes for faster recipe 
development and consistency

Verification of recipe consistency and required signoffs at 
every step of development

Sophisticated costing based on vendor/quantity price breaks

Secure audit trail of all recipe development